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My recent birthday brought the change to a new decade. How did THAT happen? The last decade wasn’t the kindest and went by in a blur. I really want this next one to be different. I want to be present. Do you know what I mean? I don’t want life to just whiz by, I want to be an active participant. I NEED CHANGE!

I chose my word for the year back in January and the word is ME. To be kinder to ME, to become a healthier ME, a less stressful ME, a happier ME. If you flip the word ME over, it becomes WE and “we” is changing. That’s right, we’re making changes. Over the past few years, I’ve seen what stress can do to a body and try as might, I’ve been unable to gain much ground in that battle. I knew it was time to make a decision. Uh-oh, I don’t make any decision or change without careful thought and as my family and friends know, I do nothing without a plan. I worried, I fretted, and I allowed myself to be consumed by all the “what-ifs” until I realized I was adding to my own problems. Then I heard my Mom whisper, “Let go, let God.” Okay Mom, I’ll try it your way. That was her advice whenever I was unsure how to handle something big and she was always right. I did let God and sure enough, through a series of events, we were given the answer.

The series of events included needing to change our lifestyle, changes to our jobs,  the lease on our apartment expiring soon and with that, a substantial increase in our rent. After a lot of praying and consideration, the light bulb went on.

We’d purchased a vacation home down south this past spring with an eye to the future. “Wouldn’t it be nice to retire and move there?” we thought. Hey wait! Why not now? After checking our dollars and sense (and yes, I mean our sense), we’ve decided to take retirement and head south. Since we made the decision, I’ve been nervous, anxious, worried, scared, and sad but those emotions are gone. They’ve been replaced with happiness, relief, hope, and excitement! J and I are getting ready for our next adventure together.  I’m happy with this change.