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Do you remember not so long ago when they stopped keeping scores at student athletic events? The experts claimed that it was demoralizing when a team didn’t win and were therefore losers. They said it was important that every child feel important. That they were worthy for their contribution to the game. That we build their egos so that they’ll grow up to be strong, confident, competent adults. Well here we are and I’m calling bullshit. The Wall Street Journal and Fox News both reported what’s happening at our colleges and universities and let me tell you, it isn’t pretty.   Here’s what’s going on with these “strong, confident, competent adults”:

  • Students at Cornell University gathered for a “cry-in” while school staff provided tissues and hot chocolate.
  • Tufts University offered arts and crafts as therapy.
  • University of Kansas is offering therapy dogs for comfort every Wednesday.
  • Students at the University of Michigan spent Wednesday sprawled around the student affairs office playing with Play-Doh and coloring books as they sought comfort and distraction.

These pansy-ass little wimps have not learned how to lose.  They’ve not learned to be gracious, not just at losing but at anything.  Society has done nothing but handicap these young people.  They’ve never been taught how to cope.  How to lose.  That life is just completely unfair at times.  They’ve never learned the sweet bliss of achieving a goal that they’ve worked for after a failure.   You can’t learn to walk without falling on your bum, ride a bike unless you fall a few times (by the way, that really hurts), ice skate without taking a tumble (again, lots of pain).  Maybe it’s time to stop coddling them, look them straight in the eye, and tell them to grow up and get over it.